Different Stages of Heartbreak

There are a lot of different songs, poems, and books about heartbreak. Nearly everyone has sometimes a form of experience. The moment you middle occupants feel like this feeling will never go over. If the person who left immediately managed to stop spinning around the world. If you feel you’re so right now I have good news for you: It’s over. But first, you need to go through several different stages.

Phase 1: The realization

You realize that it’s not going so well lately between you and your partner. Things are not as they were before; you are doing less and less fun things together. Anyway, you spend less and less time together. You’ve been avoiding each other maybe even. And the time you spend together spend you make quarrel or wait until the other again to do something else, or you have something else to do.

The sparks that you had at the beginning of the relationship or just get away, or turned to a different kind of sparks; you are you constantly annoy the other or are even at a stretch mad at your ex. You realize that it is so, in fact, can no longer, but you dare not really take action.

Phase 2: The true realization

Ultimately, the one time turns into a really big hassle, and if you eventually end the relationship. In the beginning, it might be a relief. But soon comes a point where you realize that it really is over. That no new fun moments come in. You can not call him or her if you have to spend a story to someone, or if you just a terrible, or just have had a fantastic day.

You have to tell people that you are a part, and everyone has an opinion about it. And once you tell people, you can not go back. You can your ex-partner does not take more to social issues. You can not stand him as your evening sitting on the couch. You also no longer someone to fulfill your sexual needs. Can you do this? Does he or she now you? The question strikes: you’ve made the right decision?

Phase 3: the heartbreak

You might spend hours thinking about your good moments, listening to love songs and bad smelling pillow or clothing that still smells of your ex. And this part hurts. This is the part where it feels like the world stops turning. If your heart is literally broken. But how rotten it feels Also, keep in mind that it is self-limiting, your heart is still quite in place and that the world still turns.

Phase 4: Anger

This is the moment you grief turns into anger. You curse your ex with everything you can think of. Gives them the guilt of what went wrong in your relationship. Because he or she did not do it for, you were the one who did everything. Somehow you know that this is nonsense. But you’re just ready for the grief you want to vent. And anger makes you not feel so sorry for yourself, but strong. The anger dissipates the pain somewhat.

Stage 5: the acceptance

Eventually, you lay you down definitively on whether it is still in pain, effort, and anger. But gradually you start again to look around you. There are more fish in the sea. You may even develop a crush on someone else at this stage.

All of this is more to dispel the loneliness than anything else probably. Because at this stage haunts your ex still in your head, but you have you accepted the fact that he or she is not coming back and that you will have to continue with your life.

Stage 6: freedom

This is where you go completely over your ex. You think less and less to your ex; he or she no longer haunted by your head. You do not see every passerby who but a little on your ex-looks like her face. The pain is almost or completely gone and you’re at peace with it. You appreciate the time you’ve had together, and now you embrace the single life again.

You realize that you now have the freedom to whether a new love. That opens your eyes and it also opens the eyes of other potential partners for you. For you are available and that you radiate. You can once again enjoy the attention of other men and women.

Beyond that, you have suddenly plenty of time for yourself and your friends. This is important for your self-development and for maintaining your social contacts. Therefore, the single has also a lot of benefits that you can enjoy again for a while before you bump into a new love.


You’ve learned something here; you’ve had a nice time with someone. And even performs as pain that goes with it in life. Every relationship has value, notwithstanding that they are not eternal. And if you’re in the middle representing different stages of heartbreak, then you might not like this, but always remember that it automatically passes. At one point you will no longer desire for that one person.

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